Texas to Harlem 2012

Article by Allicette Torres

About the series
This is an ongoing series by Jerry Broome. He builds and creates sculpture collages that are made of found objects. His work alludes to Texas and yet has a deep correlation to Harlem. His work is about history, decay and reinvention. The artist collects miscellaneous discarded objects over a period of time. Once an idea comes forth he begins selecting from his collection of parts and pieces assembling his idea into a sculpture.

His work touches on the subconscious, purposeful abstraction and then refocus.

About the artist
Jerry Broome is a self-taught artist. He has resided in Harlem for over 11 years. He is also an actor, musician, registered nurse and veteran.

1940’s apt fuse box.  This was my fuse box in Harlem on 122nd St up until 2003(?) and they upgraded all the wiring.  The frame was found on the side of the street somewhere in NYC. The screen is from a neighbor in Harlem.

I went through a “heart” phase (still got some pieces in mind still), this is crushed velvet fabric from a store in the Fabric District NYC, the “Heart” wire mesh is from a dumpster on my street in Harlem (reconstruction on a Brownstone) the drill tool is from Austin Tx.

This was a wedding gift, made with Love and my Heart. Too bad it didn’t work out. Put, this piece kick’s ASS! It’s got old 40’s puzzle map of the USA, 1880 barbed wire, old door screen, half a sand dollar I got up in South Carolina, old B&W print of “Just Married” and a letter dated on their wedding day and Old rusted tools and a Angle swing freely.

Its green and big. A building in Harlem was getting a work over and I took the old walling material and shaped it into a heart, went to the Fabric District in NYC and got some shiny green fabric and held it with wire. and there is a wire shooting out as if the heart was shot.

More pic to come…