Screen grab

Everythings Fine

RUN TIME 12:50
A man – Eric (Jerry Broome) reconnects with his true love. Does he reconnect or not?
Created for the SUNY Senior Thesis Film. Also starring Amy Rutledge.


On-set photo


RUN TIME: 12:48

This is another run at the DIY short-film-making: iPhone, iMovie and GarageBand, a selfie stick and tie-pod and a floor iPhone stand.
What did I learn, story boarding helps, and I did use one, along with a shot list. Also, the iPhone OMG! What can I say, its an iPhone not the best camera. iMovie is limited and i hate COLORING!

Thanks to mi amigo Brian Gianci NYC for the words to Jake’s monolog. You rock Brian.

About the film. Its done, and I’m not telling you about it. lol.


RUN TIME 04:05

A new Vs Magazine original short-film directed by Guy Aroch. Set in a Los Angeles trailer park, with Teresa Palmer and featuring Jerry Broome.

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