RUN TIME 03:00
Jerry Broome Acting Reel
Scenes from:

  • “Retrieval” : the double agent, villain
  • “A Few Shy” : the resigned-mid-life-crisis man / affectionate father
  • “The Water’s Edge” : the troubled-protective brother
  • “Fortunes of War” :  the troubled PTSD Vet

A Few Shy

RUN TIME 17:20
A the story of a man’s (Jerry Broome) fall from grace as he plummets into a world of despair and grief. Through a violent encounter, he finds love and compassion in the most unexpected way.

Director: Alicia Chan

The Water’s Edge

RUN TIME 05:35
Jack (Jerry Broome) and Tommy only have each other and the world and the woods are full of dangerous men.
Director: Chris Messineo

Into The Dark

Six weeks from today, all power is gone – Jack (Jerry Broome) and Sarah huddle together against the elements and the world outside.
Created for the 2007 Film Racing Grand Prix. Each team was given the same surprise theme (the future) and required prop (a flashlight).

Received an Honorable Mention in the 2007 Film Racing Grand Prix.
Director: Chris Messineo


A rogue agent tries to help a woman find her missing son. As events unfold, it becomes clear that the kid’s disappearance is connected to a larger, more terrifying conspiracy.

In Festival Circuit
Director: Chris Behn

Sixty Cups of Coffee

  • Synopsis

    Sixty Cups of Coffee is a short about a man Rickie (Jerry Broome) who walks into a small Texas diner determined to drink sixty cups of coffee, because he can. With a limited story line and a rather confusing ending, the success of this short is based primarily on the co-staring character driven performances.

  • Awards

    Won bronze award for the Best Short Film at the Worldfest International Film Festival, Houston, and was a finalist in the USA Film Festival Awards and The Rushes Soho Shorts Festival in London.
    Sixty Cups of Coffee, written by Robbie McCallum, produced by Raymond Martin and directed by Brighton-based David Ward, which received Screen South support, has picked up another award… beating hundreds of entrants to become WINNER of BEST SHORT FILM in the HYPTV 2006 Competition.

Everythings Fine

RUN TIME 12:50
A man – Eric (Jerry Broome) reconnects with his true love. Does he reconnect or not?
Created for the SUNY Senior Thesis Film. Also starring Amy Rutledge.


RUN TIME: 12:48

This is another run at the DIY short-film-making: iPhone, iMovie and GarageBand, a selfie stick and tie-pod and a floor iPhone stand.
What did I learn, story boarding helps, and I did use one, along with a shot list. Also, the iPhone OMG! What can I say, its an iPhone not the best camera. iMovie is limited and i hate COLORING!

Thanks to mi amigo Brian Gianci NYC for the words to Jake’s monolog. You rock Brian.

About the film. Its done, and I’m not telling you about it. lol.


RUN TIME 04:05

A new Vs Magazine original short-film directed by Guy Aroch. Set in a Los Angeles trailer park, with Teresa Palmer and featuring Jerry Broome.