Dreams w/Teresa Palmer Supporting Guy Aroch, dir.
Die Trying Supporting Liz Hewes, dir.
Breakdown Supporting H2 Crew Productions
Remnant Lead Seven-X Films, Joe Osborn dir
Homegrown Lead BOC Productions
Dr Gold’ Dream Drink Supporting Gooch Films
Letting Go Lead Maximilian A. Lewin, dir.
Stagnation Lead Tony Sur, dir.
The Water’s Edge Lead Chris Messineo, dir. / Offstage Films
A Few Shy Lead Alicia Chan, dir.
Retrieval Lead Chris Behn, dir.
Fish Lead T.J. Parsell, dir.
The Tip Lead Buck Sutton Prod.
A Kiss To Die For Lead Abdool Laltaprasad, dir.
The Passenger Lead David Diaz, dir. / Legacy Films
Into The Dark Lead Chris Messineo, dir. / Offstage Films
Death on Demand Lead Adam Matalon, dir. / Chatsby Films
Fortunes of War Lead Chris Messineo, dir. / Offstage Films
Small Timers Lead Ken Waddell, dir. / B.O.R. Productions
Sixty Cups of Coffee Lead David Ward, dir. / Raygun Films
Press Play Lead Tekiner-Foster Productions
The Riverbank Lead Chris Messineo, dir. / Offstage Films
Two Out of Three Lead David Diaz, dir. / Legacy Films
Pink Cab Supporting Y, Dubov, dir.
Dr Gold’s Dream Drink Supporting Gooch Films
Upon Our Children Supporting Charles Lyons, dir. / Secret Six Films


The Young & The Restless Recurring – Principle CBS Daytime
One Life To Live Recurring – Co-Star ABC Daytime
All My Children Co-Star ABC Daytime
As The World Turns Co-Star CBS Daytime
Celebrity Ghost Stories Principle A & E Biography Channel
Game Trailers “Metal Slug” Supporting Spike TV
Maury Povich Show Co-Star NBC Daytime


Rebel Without A Cause Mr Brown American Theater of Actors, NYC
Grandmother’s House Ray Producer’s Club, NYC
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest McMurphy Charlie Pineapple Theater, NY
Smoke & Mirrors Tom Zypher Production, TX

Internet & Music Videos

Metal Slug Guest Star Spike TV, Blue Core Prod, NY
Motel Motel (music video) Lead MEL Productions
Good Intentions (internet) Lead Disposable TV Productions

Commercials & Industrials

List upon request


William Esper 2yr Meisner Acting William Esper Studio NYC
Ted Morin Movement Actors Movement Studio NYC
Maggie Reed Daytime Drama School of Film & TV NYC
John Dapolito Acting Coach Producer’s Club Studio NYC
Janice Orlandi Period Style Edwardian Actors Movement Studio NYC
Danielle Liccardo Movement Actors Movement Studio NYC
Annie Grindlay Auditioning, Cold Reading Annie Grindlay Studios Los Angeles
Joseph Pearlman Auditioning, Cold Reading 310 Casting Studio Los Angeles
Todd Rohrbacher Comedy Sitcom Actors Comedy Studio Los Angeles
Michael Cohen Comedy Sitcom Los Angeles
Jack Plotnick Auditioning Los Angeles
Jean-Louis Rodrigue Alexander Technique Howard Fine Studio Los Angeles
Kristoff Konrad Alexander Technique Howard Fine Studio Los Angeles

Special Skills

Dialects: Southern, Texan | Dance: Club, Country Western | Registered Nurse
IMPROV | Horseback Riding | US ARMY | KRAV MAGA | Volleyball. Swim, Ski
Guitar, Bass, Drums | 1/2 Ton Truck, Motorcycle

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  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 160lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Dark Blonde
  • Suit: 36R
  • Neck: 14
  • Sleeve: 32-33
  • Waist: 30
  • Length: 32
  • Shoe: 9


Meisner Training

  • William Esper Studios – NYC

Audition/Cold Reading

  • Risa Bramon Garcia – Los Angeles
  • Annie Grindlay – Los Angeles
  • Joseph Pearlman – Los Angeles
  • Jack Plotnick – Los Angeles


  • Actors Movement Studio – NYC
  • Alexander Technique – Los Angeles

Comedy Sitcom

  • Todd Rohrbacher – Los Angeles
  • Michael Cohen – Los Angeles


  • Improv
  • Registered Nurse
  • US Army Vet
  • Krav Maga

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